Before you contact us, allow me, please, to introduce myself:
My name is Aleksandar Sasa J. I was born in Belgrade on October 7, 1962.
I have finished design, painting and sculpture art in a private master-workshop of late Mr. Stevan Bodnarov, famous sculptor.
I have been exhibiting my works since 1981.
For a few years I was working as a member of a Dutch studio team in Amsterdam. Also, I was a member of team in the French project : Plic-umbrella program.
Herewith, together with my friends, I do offer you possibility in realizing your own projects, such as:
-Making portraits of your family members;
-Making unique art pottery items (with your own family shield), company decorative patterns;
- Web design
-Many other art creations in accordance with your desires.


Music by: Dragan Popovich